Weight Loss

Does the word “diet” make you cringe? Are you ready to lose weight for real and keep it off?

Stop Smoking

Have you tried to quit many times but failed? Experience what it feels like to be a non-smoker for the rest of your life.


Get help for Divorce, Separation, Intimacy, Infidelity, Job, Family, Self Esteem and Confidence. 

Anxiety Stress & Trauma

Understand and gain more control over your behavior, emotions, physical well-being, and resolve past and current emotional stress and triggers.

Leading Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Wellness Coach

Hi, I'm Stephanie Clark

I’m here to help you find freedom from old destructive beliefs and habits, so you can create an extraordinary life of meaning, purpose, and happiness. I help clients resolve weight loss, anxiety issues and specialize in stubborn problems that are resistant to other approaches.

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Are you frustrated with conventional treatment and want a more holistic approach?

Hypnosis and Coaching work powerfully together to release the deep emotional blocks, thoughts, beliefs and behavior patterns that are holding you back from really living life to your fullest. ​I get it I’ve been there. I knew there had to be a better way too. ​So, if you’re experiencing any of the below contact me at 203-362-8857, I can help.


SCARED after trying every diet, cleanse, and weight loss program under the sun but still keep gaining the weight back.. and then some..

Want to relieve stress and anxiety WITHOUT medications

STUCK spinning in the same rut in Business and your Personal life and can’t seem to make a change

OVERWHELMED by the daily to-do’s and responsibilities

TRAPPED in a career or relationship you thought you loved, but is making you feeling empty inside

​UNHAPPY about Smoking or other Habits, Anxieties, or Phobias that seem to be slowly taking over your life

Feeling UNWORTHY of happiness, beauty and love

TERRIFIED of being seen and heard

​TIRED of being sick and tired all of the time

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I Believe we each have our own unique path in life. We also have our own individual roadblocks, sabotage mechanisms and fears. Sometimes this takes the form of weight gain, anxiety, addiction, or maybe a career we don’t love, or a relationship that makes us feel unfulfilled. Whatever your struggle is I can help take you back home again. Back to the Beginning. It is your birthright to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled in your life. Let me guide you to a happy you again.

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