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If you’re experiencing any of the below contact me, I can help.

  • ​​SCARED after trying every diet, cleanse, program under the sun but still keep gaining the weight back.. and then some
  • Want to relieve stress and anxiety Without medications
  • Stuck spinning in the same rut in Business and your Personal life and can’t seem to make a change
  • Overwhelmed by the daily to-do’s and responsibilities
  • Trapped in a career or relationship you thought you loved, but is making you feeling empty inside
  • ​Unhappy about Smoking or other habits, Anxieties, or Phobias that seem to be slowly taking over your life
  • Feeling Unworthy of happiness, beauty and love
  • Terrified of being seen and heard


What ever you are struggling with, Hypnosis can help you regain control and let you live the life you want.

Private Coaching

You know there has to be a way to live that feels easier, lighter, happier, and flat out smarter.

Reiki & Healing

Find where imbalances maybe in your body and help clear, cleanse, and rebalance yourself.

Intuitive Readings

Helping in many areas such as work, finances, relationships, health, family, and more.



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