Success Stories

​”I had the most incredible Reiki healing session with Stephanie. When it was over I asked if she was using heating pads, but it was the heat generating from her hands!! It was an experience like no other, it was a deep healing body mind and spirit, it was amazing.”

Shelton, CT

“I have been in a therapy for two years and was having trouble with anxiety weight gain and depression. In just two sessions of Hypnosis with Stephanie I was able to let my therapist know what was really going on. Stephanie helped me heal emotions in a way that talking just couldn’t do. ”

Stratford, CT

“Stephanie was incredible and my first session with her hypnosis therapy was amazing. I felt like I was walking on a cloud. Going back next week!”

Newtown, CT

“Stephanie’s simple and fun program helped me to not only get physically lighter but emotionally lighter as well! She is someone that is truly born to be a healer and I would recommend her services to anyone! Thank you Stephanie for helping me find the strength within myself to heal my life. I am forever grateful”

Norwalk, CT

“Steph is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about food, nutrition and health. She also has a real interest in helping improve the lives of others and her community. I find it refreshing that she takes a critical stance instead of blindly accepting and promoting whatever the trend is. She makes sure that there is science which supports her approach and recommendations . Plus, she’s constantly on top of the latest information on a wide breadth of issues.”

New Haven, CT

“I went Stephanie for my sleep disorder as well as back pain hoping she could help me. On my first session of hypnosis she was able to help me sleep better and a large part of my back pain started to subside. Stephanie’s programs really work.”

Derby, CT

“Stephanie helped me get healthy by adding in more simple things into my diet. She made it so simple and I have lost 10lbs effortlessly.”

Norwalk, CT

“Stephanie is amazing, she created a whole transformational plan that made it so easy to get back on the right track. She had suggestions that included foods, meals, vitamins to try, botanicals and really easy things to do to try an manage my stress. I haven’t felt this good in years. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t try, thank you so much!”

Wolcott, CT

“What I took away from your program was that I CAN do this!  Steph, having you as a resource on a daily basis helped – being able to ask you questions and get encouragement was key for me. Eating much less dairy and gluten.  Really trying to keep my green veggie intake high.  Several of the recipes have become part of my regular regimen.  Lemon water every morning.  Cut my coffee intake in half (from 2 cups a day to just one)  The menus and recipes really helped me. The HMBS program was the perfect way to “reset” my body – and taste buds!  Just two days in I could taste fresh fruits and vegetables more clearly than I had in years!  Steph’s menu, recipes and “tips” made the whole experience easy to implement, flexible and very rewarding.  In addition, Steph’s practical approach to the whole process made it “doable” and her constant encouragement kept me on track even when I slipped a little bit!  I highly recommend the HMBS Program – you can do it!”

Trumbull, CT

​”What I took away with me was making healthier choices because I wanted to! I forgot how good lemon water tasted. My wife and I are drinking fresh smoothies every morning, and I feel great! I have lost 5 lbs over the last 4 weeks without even trying, and gained the knowledge that I was eating out of boredom. I’ve started biking 3 times a week and feel amazing!”

Madison, CT

“I have never felt so better after the program! NO Stomach issues! Eating 80/20 has made my life so much easier and stress free.”

Monroe, CT​


“​The recipes by far were so organized and precise. The addition of different vegetables. such as Kale, Mint, even Dandelion Greens! My attitude was so much stronger and positive. It was so good I even made a smoothie every morning with my Son! I lost 5 lbs, thank you!

Newtown, CT

“Eating healthy food doesn’t mean going hungry. I kicked the habit of making trips to the candy bowl all day! The program was really good!  The best part was all of the recipes and the menu, it was easy and you were so helpful, thank you.”

New Haven, CT

“After I found Stephanie Clark, and her natural approach to my problems facing my weight loss goals she really helped me to find the key to successful weight loss. She helped me to realize I had the answers within me all the time, and she helped me to find the lost key to unlocking what was distracting me from achieving my weight loss goals. I have now received my black belt in kickboxing, and lost 70 pounds. I am now going for training in getting my black belts in other areas of mma. I couldn’t have done it before Stephanie’s empowering program propelling me forward and taking control of my own life. I silently thank her every day for my new found life that I thought was lost forever because of how much weight I gained, and thought I would never lose again. I still have more to go, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and as long as I am healthy I will  reach my goal weight. People have noticed all of these changes in me, and keep noticing them. They constantly ask me what’s been my secret. I tell them my Health Coach Stephanie Clark & my trainer.”

Norwalk, CT

“I have one nemesis, my weight.  I have tried and succeeded on most every diet out there, but have always gained the weight back.  So my situation was either “dieting” or “not dieting”.  There was never just “normal”.  I had NO “normal”. My weight roller coaster has always held me back from being gratified and/or the “best” I can be.

I found Stephanie Clark and her calming, attentive, supporting nature (not to mention skill), has turned my life around.  I am not sure how hypnosis works, but Stephanie has helped me find my “safe place”.  As children many of us have good and bad memories.  The fact that I am able to retrieve my “good memories” and find sanctuary, has helped me love myself and make better choices.  I am not eating junk food to feel safe.  I am remembering that there was safety and love as a child in my “safe place”.

I feel awake, I find I am not sluggishly going through my day and I am in a better emotional state by giving my body natural fruits and vegetables (most of the time).  I recommend her style of life and health coaching.”

Shelton, CT