Relationship, Job, Career

Job, Career, or Relationship Goal Achievement

Personal Coaching in Fairfield, Ct:

Are you struggling with school, or work and career issues? Stephanie has had clients come unemployed and then get the job of their dreams.

Are you struggling with relationships? Stephanie will coach you on what to do and what not to do, in order to maximize your relationships and choose the best relationships for yourself.

Personal goal achievement requires effort. The movie ‘The Law of Attraction’ misled so many people into believing that if they just sit around meditating on what they want, that it will come to them. Well, there is the law of cause and effect, of action and effort. You must put in the effort to achieve your goals.Stephanie will help you to get clear about which goals are most effective within your grasp. You will achieve your goals in a short period of time.

All counseling and hypnotherapy sessions are $125 each.

Men, ask about Stephanie’s special phone coaching program for men only.

Prepay and call to schedule. You will leave with useful tips. Prepay with Here Call to schedule (203) 362-8857



The aim of this 3 month, 6 Session package is to develop peak performance, foster creativity, enthusiasm and increase sales. Learn how to balance life and work.

  • Develop peak performance
  • Remove fears — anxieties, or phobias
  • Develop connection to employees
  • Re-frame negative patterns
  • Health education
  • Bring unstoppable confidence to your life
  • Work-life-balance
  • Public speaking
  • Remove inner conflicts and self-sabotage patterns
  • Create goals and align with companies vision
  • Understand the internal forces that control your personal and professional life

Transformation includes 6 Sessions for Relationships. Sleep. Relaxation. Career. Motivation. Grief. Confidence and many more.

  • Remove inner Conflict and self-sabotage patterns
  • Unleash your true potential in Confidence – Finances – Success – Weight
  • Remove the limiting beliefs that control your professional and personal success
  • Create new empowering behaviors
  • Learn to understand who you truly are and how to move forward
  • Learn how to avoid pain
  • Re-ignite passion and joy into your life
  • Create a vision and strategy for your future with full professional support
  • Guaranteed life transformation with full money back guarantee*