Weight Release

Help Bring Dieting To An End

And Create A Lifestyle Of Health That Just Feels Natural

​Do you know what you are suppose to do to lose weight but just can’t make it stick.

Your own mind battling against the foods you should avoid and the portions that should be smaller, but it always seems too hard.  With hypnosis for weight loss it’s about getting back in control. To make a healthy eating plan that you can now stick to and where eating healthy becomes your lifestyle and not another fad diet.

With Hypnosis For Weight Loss We Want To Help Train Your Mind To:

  • Limit Favorite Foods and Drinks And  Not Feel Deprived
  • Say No To Second Servings,  Snacking And Urges To Eat and Still Feel Satisfied
  • Put Aside Past Dieting Failures, and Move Forward With Confidence

​You Think Your Weight Problem Is The Same As Your Friends. Think Again.

While the goal for most people to lose weight is the same, the problem that has had you stuck there is always unique to you. The binge eater has different problems to be solved than the constant grazer.  An emotional eater different again than a yummy eater. A women hitting menopause is in a different position than the 25 year old single male, and losing those last 5lbs is different again from having to lose the first 50lbs.

When you work with Hypnotherapist Stephanie Clark, with a past experience of hundreds of clients, she understands that as much as we would like to rush in and just get started with your hypnosis for weight loss session, we can’t, because you are different from everyone else.

Before your hypnosis session begins, we put aside a good 20 minute free consultation to outline your unique challenges and only then do we start to use hypnosis to help you make the changes you want.

The first 20 minutes Of Your First Session Is FREE. With No Obligation to Continue.

In this Time You Can……

  1. Make Sure Hypnosis Is The Right Choice For You
  2. Get Completely Relaxed And Comfortable With Hypnosis Before You Decide To Start
  3. Get A Complete Understanding Of How Hypnosis Can Help You Lose Weight.
  4. Ensure Your Hypnotherapist had a proper understanding of  What Your Weight Loss Problem Is.
  5. Learn How To Lose Weight, Balance Your Hormones & Get Your Energy Back Quickly While Still Eating All Of Your Favorite Foods Easily Found At Your Local Grocery Store.

Ready to let Hypnosis help you release excess weight?

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Eat Food. Lose Weight. It’s This Simple.

Does the word “diet” make you cringe? Are you ready to lose weight for real and keep it off? Do you want to lose weight the easy way and without sacrificing your health or flavor? If so, keep reading.

This groundbreaking program is evolving the way people view weight loss. In fact, it is a revolutionary way to achieve weight loss while regaining your health and your self-confidence.

Never again will you decline an invitation to a social event because you’re self-conscious. With this program, you can proudly go to the doctor’s office without having to be “fat shamed”. Life happens and there are many reasons why you may have put on 10, 15 or even an extra 100 pounds.

This program is your rescue jacket. You’re going to indulge in delicious, whole foods and lose weight at the same time. You will feel physically great, look outstanding and regain a confident smile. Your social life will improve and so will your health.
So what’s the catch?

Your commitment. We provide you with the magic wand to weight loss. Well, sort of.  Our magic wand is a series of tools and steps that are easy to understand and implement into everyday life- no matter how busy you are!

After the 20 minute free consultation if you don’t feel like my hypnosis weight loss program is the right choice for you, no payment, and no further obligation is required.

Common Problem Areas We Work With Using Hypnosis For Weight Loss. Please note that results between clients does vary, with each client have there own unique challenges to overcome

  • Able To Leave  Food on Your Plate
  • Stop Snacking and
  • Cut Back on Junk Foods and Takeaways.
  • Stop Emotional Eating,  Cravings and Binge Eating
  • To Stop Feeling Guilty From One Unhealthy Choice
  • To Make This A Lifestyle, Not Just Another Diet
  • Think About Food Less. Where Food Issues Become a much smaller part of your life.
  • Motivation To Exercise
  • Able Say No To People When It Comes To Unhealthy Food Choices.
  • Build Confidence, Self Belief And Self Esteem

Weight Loss For Life

We have 6 sessions spread over 12 weeks, it gives us time to stay with you as you lose your weight, giving you additional support and help if we come across any bumps along the way.

    • 20 Minute No Obligation Free Consultation
    • 3 X 60 Minute Sessions
    • 3 X 30 Minute Sessions
    • 3 Weekly Meal Plans
    • Recipe Book
    • Food Swap List
    • Weekly Grocery Lists
    • Weekly Educational Handout
    • Hypnosis MP3 – Recordings of Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions

ALL INCLUSIVE $497, payment plan is available  — Book A Session Now!

Ready to let Hypnosis help you lose weight?

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