Ignite Your Intuition Health and Lifestyle Coaching Program

You May Be:

Frustrated with your constant struggle with food, life and health concerns, and keep wondering why you just can’t seem to get this thing down.

So caught up in self doubt and insecurities that you’re watching precious opportunities to have fun or advance in your life pass you by every day.

Withholding from others because you don’t feel good about yourself; and this is really taking a toll on your relationships.

Dealing with a destructive inner voice that dictates what you can and cannot do and every little mistake gives this voice more power and control.

Feeling disconnected from yourself which is preventing you from living with clarity, confidence, and intuition.

You just want to be happier.
​You want to connect your soul to your every day life.


In my signature program, I guide you toward your ultimate healthy body mind and spirit, a soul that feels connected, passionate and excited about your life, with a rock solid emotional core so you can handle anything that comes your way and be who you really want to be.




​How the Program Works

We ‘ll work together for 6 months. I suggest 6 months because this is truly the amount of time it takes to create real transformation from the ground up. At the end of the 6 months, you won’t have to “think” about doing things differently, you’ll just do them differently, like second nature. We’ll create your own way of eating and living that will have you absolutely thriving.

Talk Twice a Month
We talk for 50 minutes twice a month. These are our formal sessions and they’re completely tailored to you. During these calls, we’ll talk about what’s coming up for you in your life, work, relationships, how your health is, nutrition, emotions, and more. I’ll guide you in a way that allows us to see exactly where you’re being held back and why, and we’ll move you toward a place of greater clarity, empowerment and freedom.

Practical Guidance
We end our calls with 1­-3 actions steps to keep you moving forward. I intuitively know where you need to focus between sessions, and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn in between sessions by playing around with your “homework”!

I will create a personalized hypnosis session to reach and rework any deep rooted patterns, or self sabotage mechanisms that may be affecting your health, life and weight loss goals. This can be done in the office, via Skype or as a downloadable MP3 recording.

24/7 Personal Support
As a private client, you have complete access to me via text and email. I’m there for you through it all, and I invite you to use me for support however you can.

I take on private clients as space becomes available. Enter your name and email below and we will contact you within 24 hours.

​Love, light and Big Spirit,

Sign up for your free 20 minute deep dive session to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.





Psychic Medium, Intuitive Readings & Reiki


​I’m a Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Empath, Reiki Master, Teacher, Certified Angel Card Reader by Doreen Virtue and Certified Angelic Blessings Intuitive. I’ve had this gift my entire life, but through the years it has evolved and strengthened to come full circle.

I work professionally and do private readings, group readings and paranormal home clearings. And give intuitive readings, helping in many areas such as romance, work, finances, relationships, true hearts desires, health, friendships, children, cold cases, hauntings, and more.

A reading allows me to connect to the akashic record and loved ones to bring closure, peace, and validation. The guidance and instruction is so that you may take appropriate steps to co-create the answer to your prayers with Angel Card Tarot, Pendulum, Spirit, and Divine help.

​There are so many ways we receive guidance, such as from our higher self, spirit guides, angels, loved ones, and God or the divine, it can be confusing and if you are like most people you second guess the answers given.  When working with me know that You make your own decisions and act according to your own free will. The guidance and instruction is so that you may take appropriate steps to co-create the answer to your prayers with Tarot, Spirit, and Divine help.
60 minute Reading $120, 30 Minute $60, $2.00/minute – Intuitive Reading with supported guidance through Tarot.

Schedule appointments here:  https://stephanieclark.acuityscheduling

Must be 18+. For Entertainment Purposes Only.


​Reiki is a therapy based on universal life energy that serves to align chakras and bring healing energy to the body mind and spirit. It’s based on the ancient Eastern philosophy of a universal life force. While you relax, the practitioner creates a powerful flow of the universal life force (CHI), which then activates your innate ability to heal. Reiki has proved to have scientific measurable effects, such as; decreased heart rate, improved blood pressure, strengthened immunity, reduced anxiety, pain and depression. ​Crystal Therapy uses crystals as powerful healing tools. They boost your natural spiritual healing power. I select stones to help you align your chakras and self heal every area of your life – physical, emotional, spiritual and romantic health.

What is a treatment like?

Reiki is given by the laying-on of hands. A standard treatment includes placing the hands on different positions around the head, shoulders, stomach and feet. Each position is held for 2 to 5 minutes and the entire treatment lasts between 30-60 minutes. ​I use powerfully placed crystals, and a pendulum to locate unbalanced chakras. I ‘ve been doing hands on healing with crystals since 1986 and was certified a Reiki Master Teacher in 2012. I’m able to see and feel where imbalances maybe in your body and will help you clear cleanse and rebalance yourself. Some people feel warmth, or a slight warm tingling or pulling sensation at the hand placement site. Some people feel a gentle energy that runs thru a certain body part. Others see colors, and some people fall asleep and wake up feeling completely refreshed and relaxed. At the end of the session we’ll go over rebalanced chakras and make suggestions on lifestyle changes to help promote your healing and growth further. 30 minute Integrative Energy Work $65 In person or distance.

Of the Many Benefits:
Reduces stress and promotes a state of total relaxation
Assists the body in cleansing of toxins
Balances the flow of energy throughout the body
Brings comfort and peace


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