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Pesticides and Thyroid Disease

Pesticides and Thyroid Disease

Thyroid Peeps – Why Should You Care About Pesticides? There are over 60,000 chemicals being produced today with organochlorines (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, or DDT, and Polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, among others) being the most dangerous.

Middle Age and Why you Should Cleanse every Season

Middle Age and Why you Should Cleanse every Season

Why is it so hard to lost weight now that I’m in my 40’s, what the heck is going on. I used to be able to lose 5-10lbs within two weeks hands down like it was nothing. Now I have this roll of fat on my belly that I just can’t get rid off! its so stubborn… Well, there are a lot of reasons…

Red Velvet Smoothie…  you had me at hello

Red Velvet Smoothie… you had me at hello

I don’t know how this tastes so much like cake .. but Oh My God is it good! ​Ingredients ​1 cup unsweetened almond milk 1 tablespoon almond butter ​1 scoop chocolate (or vanilla) plant protein powder Vega is a good brand ​1 medium beet, shredded ​1 cucumber ​Blend and Enjoy! ​#vegan  # vegetarian #haveyourcakeandeatitto #loveatfirstsight

Nourishing Lentil Soup

When the weather starts to get a little chilly up here in the North East, I love a good hearty cup of soup.  This recipe really is one of my favorites. It’s packed with tons of good nutrition and it tastes amazing. But most of all its so easy to make. Ingredients, Organic and Local if possible: 1 bag of dried lentil beans 3 tbsp. coconut oil 1…

Beet Juice

This is the version of beet juice I drank daily that helped me reverse my autoimmune thyroid disease. I would make a weeks worth and drink about 4-6 oz a day in the morning. I made this recipe for people like me that do not want to drink something that tastes like dirt, it had to be good or I wouldn’t do…

Nutty Cranberry Coconut Granola

This is a gluten free granola recipe that is absolutely delicious and satisfying. It can be eaten as a snack, breakfast with almond milk, or sprinkled on your favorite yogurt.  For a little extra thyroid support add brazil nuts. Or for some healthy omega 3’s you can add walnuts or flax seeds. Remember to use organic products, and raw nuts and seeds. 1/2c unrefined coconut oil…

Beginners Green Smoothie

My favorite recipe for people that are not sure about “Green” drinks. This is still my all time go to for a green smoothie Ingredients: ½ Banana ½ Apple Handful Frozen Mango Slices 1 cup Water Handful of Kale Handful of Spinach Optional: Organic freshly squeezed Apple juice Fruit of your choice Almond Milk Wheatgrass Combine ingredients and blend until…


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Reconnect to who you really are inside

It’s not easy, reconnecting to yourself in truth and with zero judgement.. its hard to listen to that inner voice and knowing when you’re stressed, distracted or worried. We tend to look outside of ourselves for happiness and contentment. We forget how to turn off, to be present and relax. Often losing sight of our truth and left feeling disconnected. You may live this way for a while but eventually you can no longer…

You create what you attract so vibrate Love & Beauty

I take great happiness in knowing that the world is perfectly imperfect, and that there truly is beauty and love everywhere. A delicate balance of dark and light. It exists in nature, our hearts, our minds, and our lives all around us. Where we focus our thoughts, we focus our energy on, and were we focus energy the universe will lovingly create it’s reflection. So when we…