Why is it so hard to lost weight now that I’m in my 40’s, what the heck is going on. I used to be able to lose 5-10lbs within two weeks hands down like it was nothing. Now I have this roll of fat on my belly that I just can’t get rid off! its so stubborn… Well, there are a lot of reasons why, stress, over eating, hormone imbalance, and more. But when you get to middle age a lot of issues with difficulty losing weight boils down to one thing, ​Metabolic Sediment.. say what? Well here’s what maybe going on, lets take it from the ground up.

In order to get healthy and lose weight first we have to have optimum functioning right down to our tiny little cells. They require oxygen, nutrients and must rid themselves of carbon dioxide, metabolic wastes and require protection from toxic chemicals. (science class) – Our capillaries act as a transportation system to supply the cells and remove their waste. There are also lymphatic drainage channels found in the tissue spaces that are designed to carry away excess fluid which the capillaries cannot cope with. The more sediment builds up in the tissue spaces, the more it is likely to trigger mild inflammatory reactions. This sends signals to the body to try to pump in water carrying macrophages that are intended to digest the sediment. When this mechanism gets overwhelmed water retention can gradually develop in the tissues. It can cause considerable weight gain and is extremely common in middle age. Which is one of the reasons why as we age losing weight becomes more difficult.

The problem is that when the tissue spaces become loaded with sediment and water, the cells get pushed further and further away from each other and from their life lines – the capillaries. Oxygen starvation can cause profound problems to the body’s energy production (you know .. when your get up and go has got up and gone). Lactic acid and carbon dioxide levels rise and this sets the scene for cell death, DNA damage, cancers and worsening inflammation which eventually can lead to autoimmune damage.

​If your like me you not going to let that happen. Hence the Cleanse. I use real food cleanses that eliminate the 5 major allergen food groups and give your poor little capillaries and cells a chance to heal them selves, poor babies. So I hear a lot of people on the cleanse talk about how they are running to the bathroom at night, they purposely didn’t have a glass over water but are going over and over and over again. Its your body releasing water weight.. beautifully. That’s your sign to know your body is healing its self down to the cellular level. It promotes self healing so your body can lose not only water weight but any excess fat accumulated a lot more easily and efficiently.

​Here are some other foods or herbs that maybe helpful with the release of water weight and toxins. Good old flavonoids rutin and quercetin they really can help . Coumarin which is found in celery juice and clover tea, golden seal helps Kuepfer cells,  bromelain helps to digest metabolic sediment, vitamin c strengthens the epithelial tissues etc.

In good health,