It’s not easy, reconnecting to yourself in truth and with zero judgement.. its hard to listen to that inner voice and knowing when you’re stressed, distracted or worried. We tend to look outside of ourselves for happiness and contentment. We forget how to turn off, to be present and relax. Often losing sight of our truth and left feeling disconnected. You may live this way for a while but eventually you can no longer ignore the discomfort. And begin to long for a true desire for feeling fulfilled, loved and safe, turning inward for something that can turn the light back on, to navigate you to the end of the suffering and disconnectedness.

​Here are a few of my favorite things to do to ignite that fire in your heart again and to feel connected and in the flow of things..

Have Gratitude for everything, even the smallest things. And yes even things that suck. You cannot appreciate the good in life without a few lemons from time to time.

Find forgiveness in your heart so that you can break the ties that bind your to the past. It does not mean condoning bad behavior but it frees you to live and enjoy your life in the present moment.

Lean to quiet the mind, be still and meditate. Remember the mind uses logic but your heart uses truth and reconnecting in this way will help you find and listen to that inner guidance.

Nurture body mind and spirit. Part of loving yourself is being present and paying attention to your needs. Eating healthy foods, moving your body, resting when your tired.

Make decisions with love, always and unconditionally. Fear is the enemy of love. One will drive the other away. Too much fear will drive the love out of our hearts. Fear has purpose, but when we use it as a tool in our life decisions in replacement of love, we lose our connection to our life path, to the divine, and our guidance and inner navigation light begins to dim. When you make decisions with love in your heart it connects to your purpose and generates love and abundance.

Know that you’re a co-creator with the universe and everything in your life is a direct reflection of how you are presently using your generative power. This includes your health, quality of relationships, marital status, the satisfaction or absence of it in your daily experience and your work. What your focus you mind on is where all of your energy is directed, be mindful of what you cultivate in your life. Use positive affirmation to create feelings of safety, nurturing, and love in your life.

Let love navigate you home again, always.

​Love, Light and Big Spirit

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