I take great happiness in knowing that the world is perfectly imperfect, and that there truly is beauty and love everywhere. A delicate balance of dark and light. It exists in nature, our hearts, our minds, and our lives all around us. Where we focus our thoughts, we focus our energy on, and were we focus energy the universe will lovingly create it’s reflection. So when we vibrate love and beauty we attract love and beauty, but when we vibrate  and focus on hate and violence we attract the same, it is that simple.

We are 100% responsible for our actions, for the life we have created and the lessons and consequences that we have created. I know it’s not easy. We all need more love, more forgiveness, patience and more kindness. The world is very loud, it is busy and distracting, and the Divine often whispers. What would happen if we all learned to listen again, to trust our heart and take action on our inner guidance, just think were you would be in your life now? If we learned to focus on the good, the lesson learned instead of harboring hate, guilt or regret. Quite often the smallest most insignificant messages and guidance are the ones that create the largest shifts for better in our lives. That tiny voice that harbors our greatest guidance and knowledge, yet so often it goes unheard.

Heres what to do, it only takes a moment.

​1. Take time to meditate, learn how to turn off even if its for just 5 minutes a day.
2. Get out into Nature.
​3. Lose all judgement, comparison, attachments, and live a simple life.
​4. Remember the mind uses logic, but your heart uses truth, love + truth = Freedom.
​5. Hold one hand on your heart, one on your stomach, quiet and still your mind and ask for guidance in a situation, notice where you feel the “answer” in your body. Does it feel good or does it feel bad, that is how to know your yes from your no. Yes it’s that easy.

​Let love navigate you home again, always.

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