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Wherever you find yourself today, there can be a better place tomorrow. Enjoy an empowering transformation while I create a safe, loving space that will give you what you need - guidance, mentorship, and results.

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Coaching for Professionals

For Executives, CEO's and working women and men geared towards developing peak performance, continuous improvement, connection to employees, re-frame negative patterns, health and wellness education, bring unstoppable confidence to your life, work-life-balance, remove inner conflicts and self sabotage patterns with Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Health Counseling.

Hypnosis Is A State Of
Focused Relaxation

Hypnotherapy can be an extremely useful tool where other approaches may have failed or provided limited relief, and this is because it focuses on helping you to identify and then utilize your own internal resources for problem solving and implementation.

Health Coaching

Supports clients with all areas of their lifestyle that impact their health including Career, Relationships, Fitness, Finances and Spirituality. Together we'll identify the areas in your life that may be negatively contributing to your health, weight and peace of mind. Create diet and lifestyle habits that support your body’s ability to detoxify, repair and regenerate. Encourage and empower you to take control of your health and life.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is an evidence-based approach to maximizing one’s health potential though individually formulated nutritional and lifestyle changes. It promotes the benefits of good, wholesome, unprocessed foods for optimal well being, as well as the therapeutic effects of particular foods for specific health conditions. Such as Chronic Illness, Thyroid, Autoimmune Disease, IBS, and more.

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I am absolutely happy with the outcome of our sessions. At my age, it is quite difficult to find a working method for pain relief, and Stephanie’s worked well.

Vanessa Dickson

It feels great to be able to live, work and enjoy the simple things around me again. Thank you for your wonderful job, Stephanie. I appreciate your help.

Ray Clark

Everyone who feel depressed, unhealthy and unbalanced should consider Stephanie and her professional help. I am grateful and feel amazing again.

Frank Chapman

How Effective Is Hypnosis?

American Health Magazine Compared Different Types Of Therapy And Found:
Behavior Therapy

38% Recovery after
600 Sessions

72% Recovery after
22 Sessions

93% Recovery after
6 Sessions

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